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1st-Jan-2020 12:00 am - Fic Index
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My fic index has moved to Dreamwidth.
29th-Oct-2011 02:54 am - So long, LJ. It's been fun.
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Well, that wasn't how I was planning on spending my Friday night.

Apart from fanfic, I've deleted all entries from ctorres , and I will not be crossposting entries to there from Dreamwidth in the future. I will continue to read my LJ flist, but when LJ characterized a bug that allowed users to see other users' locked posts and inbox as having "no effect on security", they lost the last bit of my trust.

If I'm not following you on Dreamwidth and you'd like me to, let me know, please. And if anyone needs an invite code, I've got several.

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EMO: fangirl
Title: The First Somewhat-Annual Snipe Hunt
Fandom: Up (Pixar)
Rating: G
Summary: Ellie and Carl have an adventure.
A/N: Written for Yuletide 2010 for [personal profile] rose_griffes.

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HP: generic, HP: ravenclaw
Remix authors have been revealed, so now I can post this. This was fun to write, and I'm really glad I decided to participate.

Title: Too Young (The Princess Bride Remix)
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing: Ginny/Draco
Rating: PG
Summary: In the small part of Ginny's mind not occupied by young love, she composed the tale she'd tell her own little girl one day.
A/N: This was my story for Remix Redux 2010, and as such is a remix of Young Love, by mynuet .

Read "Too Young (The Princess Bride Remix)" on AO3.
Read "Too Young (The Princess Bride Remix)" on Dreamwidth.
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Aaaaand here's the other bit of fic rescued from the depths of my hard drive and the end of the past 24 hours' fic spammage. This would have been posted hours ago but for the lack of a title.

Title:An Overture Before the Story Begins
Author: [personal profile] ct
Fandom: Harry Potter
Characters: Minerva McGonagall, Hermione Granger
Summary: Never let it be said that Minerva McGonagall didn't take care of her own.

Read "An Overture..." on AO3
Read "An Overture..." on Dreamwidth
31st-Mar-2010 08:22 pm - HP fic: Scare Tactics
HP: generic, HP: ravenclaw
It's amazing what can be found by trawling through a folder of partially finished fic. The majority of this has been sitting around for at least a year. All it needed was an ending and a little polish....

Title: Scare Tactics
Author: [personal profile] ct
Fandom: Harry Potter
Character(s): Millicent Bulstrode, assorted others
Original prompt: A view of an event in Goblet of Fire or Order of the Phoenix, as seen from a Slytherin perspective.
Summary: Millicent's only met her cousin Alice once.

Read "Scare Tactics" on AO3.
Read "Scare Tactics" Dreamwidth.
30th-Mar-2010 02:20 pm - HP drabble: Worthy Opponent
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Title: Worthy Opponent
Recipient: bronze_ribbons
Prompt: Whomping Willow/Mrs. Norris
Word Count: 111
Rating: G
A/N: Originally posted on April 22, 2007 for mctabby 's Cat's Birthday HP Drabblethon IV.

The worst part about students, Mrs. Norris had long thought, was their predictability. Catching the little brats out of bounds grew dull when they hid in the same places every night. This, though... this was fun. This was amazing.

It was a branch. A special branch, with leaves still clinging to its twigs to bat about and bugs crawling on its bark for a bedtime snack.

She took another swipe at its tip, claws unsheathed, and hissed as she jumped back to avoid being flattened with its return blow. She'd ignore the red-headed brats tomorrow night to thank them for this present her Argus confiscated. Finally, she had a worthy opponent.

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1st-Jan-2010 04:22 pm - Sesame Street Fic: Five Lessons...
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This year, I wrote Sesame Street fic for Yuletide. This is, incidentally, the second time I've written Muppety fic and the third (out of six) that I've written for a fandom aimed at kids. Apparently I have a niche? I have a whole post about writing this story that I'll post later today, but for now, here's the story.

Title: Five Lessons Chris Learned From Working at Hooper's (And One He Had To Pick Up At Home)
Fandom: Sesame Street
Rating: G
Summary: See title.
A/N: Written for Yuletide 2009 for [personal profile] cereta, who asked for Chris/Alan slash in the spirit of the show. Many thanks to Incapricious for beta-reading.

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3rd-Aug-2009 01:54 am - HP Drabble: Supper
HP: generic, HP: ravenclaw
I never did post this here, did I?

Title: Supper
Fandom: Harry Potter (Marauder Era)
Word Count: 111
Warning: disturbing implications
A/N: Written for arionrhod in mctabby 's 5th annual drabblethon, for the prompt "Snape/Lupin, no DH or Tonks 'I neither like nor dislike Severus.' How deep to Remus' feelings go?"



James and Sirius stopped talking. Remus hardly ever shouted.

"I neither like nor dislike him. I just don't want to go to Azkaban for killing him. Get that through your thick skulls, would you?"

Sirius sputtered. "You wouldn't- I-It was just a prank, Remus. Dumbledore understood."

"And I'm lucky it was up to him and not the Wizengamot, aren't I? Leave me alone."

James grabbed Sirius' sleeve and dragged him away. Remus sighed. It was time for dinner, but he couldn't stomach the idea of eating anything more than some veg. He'd been so close to Severus that night and even now, the wolf inside craved a taste of meat.

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17th-Jun-2009 08:54 pm - Criminal Minds Fic: A Morning At Home
ME: stars
Title: A Morning At Home
Fandom: Criminal Minds
Pairing: Emily Prentiss/JJ Jareau
Rating: PG
A/N: Written for the Summer '09 FSAC calendar, although it started life as a fic for lgbtfest . The original prompt had something to do with the most important day in a queer person's life other than coming out or a first kiss.
Son of A/N: This story came in fifth overall in the calendar.

A Morning At HomeCollapse )

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4th-Jan-2009 08:48 pm - Yuletide 2008 fic: Stepmotherhood
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This was my entry for Yuletide 2008. Fandom is Into the Woods, which is a Sondheim musical set in the land of fairytales. It is awesome, and if you haven't seen it, I highly recommend tracking down a copy of the DVD. It's a filmed theatrical production, not a movie. Next best thing to having tickets, yes?

This was the first year that I can remember not quite sticking to the recipient's requests. shinealightonme asked for post-canon fic with the Baker taking care of his son or Red (Little Red Riding Hood) and Jack (of Beanstalk fame) having to deal with each other. Somehow, I ended up touching on both of those things and focusing on her fourth listed character (Cinderella) instead... but she liked it, so it all turned out well.

Title: Stepmotherhood
Fandom: Into the Woods
Rating: G
A/N: Written for shinealightonme for Yuletide 2008.

StepmotherhoodCollapse )
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I was getting ready to move when the Yuletide reveal happened last year, so I never remembered to post this here. Oops.

Main Street is a series of children's books by Ann M. Martin. Ever read Babysitters Club books? Same author. This story is proof that pimping small fandoms in your journal prior to Yuletide works - wisdomeagle made a post trying to entice people to read the books, I thought they sounded interesting, I signed up, and then fic happened.

Title: How To Make a Quilt
Fandom: Ann M. Martin - Main Street Series
Rating: G
Author's Notes: Written for wisdomeagle for Yuletide 2007. Many thanks to shatterpath and measi for helping me out with some details, and to my sister and ariestess for beta reading.

How To Make a QuiltCollapse )
17th-Jun-2008 07:05 pm - Harry Potter Fic: Sweet Lemonade
ME: stars
Title: Sweet Lemonade
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing: Hermione/Ginny
Rating: PG/PG-13
Word Count: 590
Summary: This is not what her parents were worried about.
A/N: My entry for the first week of the current round of hermione_ldws .

Sweet LemonadeCollapse )
10th-Dec-2007 09:13 pm - Torchwood Ficlet: Lifebringer
ME: stars
Title: Lifebringer
Author: Caitrin Torres ctorres
Fandom: Torchwood
Characters: Jack, Suzie
Rating: G
Spoilers: "Everything Changes", although this takes place well before the episode
A/N: Written for the first round of writerinadrawer . The prompts were "First Times" and something green.

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20th-Jul-2007 03:11 pm - SG-1(ish) Fic: Second Star
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I'll stop spamming everyone's friends lists for a bit, promise.

Title: Second Star
Fandom: Stargate SG-1, by way of the Light, Water, Muses universe
Rating: G
Summary: Sam, finally home after a late night.
A/N: LWM is a multifandom femslash crossover project started by ariestess and shatterpath . G-rated gen fic is decidedly nonstandard, but this is me here. This was written for them for this summer's FSAC calendar.

Second StarCollapse )
30th-May-2007 05:25 am - SGA Fic: Housewarming
ME: stars
Title: Housewarming
Author: Caitrin Torres (ctorres )
Fandom: Stargate Atlantis
Pairing: Elizabeth Weir/Teyla Emmagan
Rating: G
Summary: Firelight and pastry.
Spoilers: "The Return"
A/N: Written for the sg_femslash minificathon, Weir round, for medie , who requested Teyla/Elizabeth with alien rituals and a party.

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8th-Feb-2007 12:35 am - Muppet!Fic: Can't Say Anything Nice
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Title: Can't Say Anything Nice
Fandom: Muppets
Rating: PG
Summary: So why do Statler and Waldorf keep coming back to the theater every night?
A/N: This was written for yuletide 2006 for graycardinal . Thanks go to my sister for the comment that started it all and also to revena for beta help.

It's the Muppet Show!Collapse )
4th-Dec-2006 12:57 am - SG-1 Fic: On Parents (a drabble set)
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In the spirit of finishing off old fic, a long time ago when the Five Things meme last swept through, I never had time to post my answers. This was one of a few that turned into fic. Five drabbles of precisely 100 words each.

Title: On Parents
Author: Caitrin Torres (ctorres )
Fandom: Stargate SG-1
Spoilers: Nothing past season three.
A/N: A long time ago, lunardreamed asked for "five lives each of the SG-1 characters never lived". Many thanks to ariestess for looking this over.

On ParentsCollapse )
5th-Sep-2006 09:34 pm - SG-1 Fic: Loose Leaf Gridiron
ME: stars
Now that authors have been revealed at samcarterfic , I can post this here.

Title: Loose Leaf Gridiron
Author: Caitrin Torres (ctorres )
Fandom: Stargate SG-1
Rating: G
Summary: Sam, Cam, and a practical use for physics.
A/N: For inyron for the samcarterfic ficathon. Her request was for season 9 or later team friendship with happy Sam.

Loose Leaf GridironCollapse )
22nd-Aug-2006 05:20 am - SGA Fic: Lament
ME: stars
Title: Lament
Author: Caitrin Torres (ctorres )
Fandom: Stargate Atlantis
Pairing: Teyla/Cadman
Rating: PG
Summary: Atlantis cries at night, or so it is said.
A/N: For fish_like_bikes . My prompt was "Seasonal fic (a story that is based on a holiday or specific time of year)".
A/N too: Constructive criticism is always welcome, particularly on this.

LamentCollapse )
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